New Product Development

If you need a new product or service, HATCHideas can analyze your business and find a product or service that expands your ability to produce revenue and grow your business.

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Concierge Strategic Management

Concierge Strategic Management service consists of a pre-purchased set of hours that lets HATCHideas perform due diligence and assist in guiding your business to success.

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Games and Gaming Supplies

HATCHideas produces games and gaming supplies such as Boken, tiles, and other pieces.

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HATCHideas can prototype playing pieces and products in various forms from 3D printed pieces to metal or wood that has been CNC milled or lathed.


HATCHideas has produced over 100 products and services. For each, domains and trademark due diligence has been performed. If you need a new product or service, or enhancement to your current offer, HATCHideas can help.

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HATCHideas has many projects underway and is just a few of the many examples of what can be done for your company. Want to work with HATCHideas to make your company better or to launch a new company?
HATCHideas can help.

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Concierge Consulting

Do you need someone on call to assist you in decision making, or to do due diligence gathering information for your business or project? HATCHideas can assist.

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