Strategic Management Consulting

Holistic analysis of your business and concierge business support services.

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New Product Development

Need a new product or service? Need to enhance a product or service already in development? Need to find out if you have a competitive advantage with your current business makeup?

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HATCHideas Store

Products internally developed or in development by HATCHideas for sale directly.

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HATCHideas Crowdfunding

Launch your product or service through HATCHideas Crowdfunding.

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Strategic Management Consulting
Holistic consulting services ranging from naming products to strategic management.
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Need a name for a product, product line, or service?

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HATCHideas is in the process of launching ohmTown. a 24 hour netcast network with 50 shows planned each week. Interested? Get in touch.

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HATCHideas TV highlights the products and services that are being crowdfunded and live discussion of the business and technology sectors.

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Stay up to date with all our latest news and launches. Only the best quality makes it onto our blog! Relaunch

After years of use, shuttered as a news aggregation site. It was used by a small audience by most metrics but it served a great purpose. It aggregated 200 sources of information across 8 di…
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Introducing ×÷+-

×÷+- is a netcast, community, and store, all in one. Products are purchased via the store and custom finished, live, via Twitch and YouTube. While products are being worked on, we will discuss all s…
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HATCHideas in 2019.

James Hatch, of HATCHideas, has been building products and services for nearly 30 years. During that time, providing concierge business services and strategic management has been offered. With these p…
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Technology Advocacy

Need someone to help your employees understand technology, cybersecurity, and the impact of technology on society?