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New Product Development Consulting
Professional Naming Services

Reviewing products and services for toddlers and their parents.

567.525.TILE (8453)
Changing tile will never be the same.
Now available in any color, your custom image, and any size or shape.
Conventional Tile Conversion to MagneTile, now available.
Patent Pending

16+ Piece puzzles with strong magnetic backs and
acrylic covers for protection from damage. Your custom image or
our selected art, turned into a puzzle.
Powered by MagneTile

Tile in a Snap!
Patent Pending

Puzzles that stay in place so you don’t have to.
Powered by TileSnap

One Hundred Stones. Eighty-One are safe.
Eighteen block your path. One ends your Adventure.
Choose your path.
Powered by SpectrumTile™

Game Board Tiling System and Game Pieces
Hexagonal Game Boards and Custom Tiles
Powered by MagneTile or TileSnap

A new world, every time.
Powered by SpectrumTile™

Returning stolen and lost items to their rightful owners.

Aggregating news headlines in various topics and allows readers to discuss the articles on Mobble, rate the article on Mobble, but read the news on the source website. Segments include Technology and Entertainment as well as Business. News providers are constantly added.

Aggregating graphics and marketing news.
Includes forums, voting and other social aspects.

Aggregating sports news.
Includes forums, voting and other social aspects.

The home of ohmTown Studios, a live Netcast Network of 50 shows.
Includes social networking, news aggregation, live interviews, and much more.

Captum Lux
This process traps any color between layers of acrylic or glass.
Patent Pending

Any color, acrylic tiles you can cut, bend, drill, and shape.
1″, 4″, 6″, 8″ & 12″ tiles. Made to order.


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