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$ 164,000.00

CandyShell.com was first registered to host a website redesign consultancy. CandyShell.com, .net and .org are included in the sale price. Right now, there is a project planned for launch under the CandyShell.com name. The domain is available until that product launches. Due to value of this asset, please contact HATCHideas directly. The final transaction will be managed through one of several well established escrow services.

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MonsterGarb.com and MonsterTies.com – Custom Clothing

A HATCHideas Product

Another project in development. Unique and custom clothing. The project is in development and the domains are redirected to HATCHideas.com until either integrated into the store, or set off to fend for itself at its own domain… MonsterGarb.com, which will start out with ties and t-shirts with one of a kind works of art printed on them.

Coming Soon: MonsterTies.com and MonsterGarb.com

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SpectrumTile – Color trapped in acrylic.

A HATCHideas Product

SpectrumTile is now available through Etsy. All orders are simply available through the one source and by demand. Simply purchase your amount of tiles and let us know which size of tile and the color. Once payment is made, we’ll make the tiles and ship them out as soon as they are done. Color is available by choosing it from the product offering of any major paint supplier such as Sherwin-Williams, McCormick, Ralph Lauren, Glidden, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Martha Stewart and many others. The tiles are acrylic, so once fabricated you can stand, cut, etch and bend into the shape you need.

Price is set for $10.95

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Coming Soon: SpectrumTile™

A HATCHideas Product

If you are interested in the MagneTile product, but do not want to get them with magnetic backs, we’ll soon be offering the same product under the name “Spectrum Tile” through the HATCHideas online store. Before a formal announcement is made and a full line is launched, the product will be offered on sites such as Etsy and eBay as a source for artisans to obtain acrylic tile of any color for their own artwork.

Some key differences between SpectrumTile™ and MagneTile™:

  • These tiles do not have magnetic backs so they are going to be much less expensive.
  • For their purpose, they do not need to be as precise in quality.
  • They are even easier to trim to size.
  • Just like MagneTile, they can be cut with a knife, and they can now be trimmed with a simple saw.
  • They will come in just as many colors as MagneTile at about half the price.

The patent pending technique called “Captum Lux” is used to create these tiles as well. They will be offered in the same sizes as MagneTile ( 1, 4, 6, 8 & 12 inch ) tiles.

For more information, send an email to contact@HATCHideas.com or call 1.818.900-IDEA (4332)

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MagneDoku is being phased out. Long Live “Boken”.

A HATCHideas Product

After further development of MagneDoku, the product is being phased out. Another product that we’re calling “Boken” will take its place and remove the magnetic backs, switch to wooden pieces with painted faces and the wooden board will be replaced with high quality paper one that makes the game much more portable. Another modification to the game is that it now will come with a bag to hold the 100 stones that help you along your adventure.

The rules remain the same:

“Boken” is a new board game based on Sudoku, the number game that has been a favorite for a few decades. The new take on the game is based on the story of travelers undertaking a grand adventure. The path leads them to a swamp that requires them to figure out which path leads them to the other side. It is treacherous, nearly impossible and some may call this “The Impossible Walk”.


In Boken, there are 100 pieces. We call them stones. 81 stones are safe, 18 stones block your path and 1 stone, we call “Doku” is poison and ends your adventure. The scoring is simple, the game is not.

There are 11 sets of 9 different colors, the all black tile is the Doku (Poison ).

To play the game, you reach into the carrying bag and draw a stone from the pool of 100 stones without looking. You can either place the stone on the game board, or put it back. For each piece you place on the board, you get one point. If you don’t take a step but simply move an already placed stone, you do not get a point but you could keep the adventure going. If you draw a stone and decide not to take a step by placing it back into the bag, you lose a point. Once you place a blocking stone, it cannot be moved. You’ll know it is a blocking stone because it has a black dot in the center. If you draw the Doku stone, it is poison and it ends your adventure. Tally up who made the most progress by placing stones, and you have your winner. Any number of people can play the game, its best if there are between 2-6.

The game is a combination of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Russian roulette, and Sudoku.

Versions of “Boken” are not limited to colors. We plan on launching numbers, cities, states, and pretty much anything you want as long as you have 9 unique objects that you can remember, we can turn it into a custom Boken game.

You can buy the game now in the HATCHideas store. Pictures are on the way.

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Toddlerton launched July 4th on YouTube.com


We’ve posted 20 videos since launching on July 4th, 2014. Toddlerton was an idea in the research phase for some time. The right niche topic was sought and various iterations took place. From a clothing line, to unique product line, to its current focus on product and service reviews.

Typically, a product can be created for a company once a strategic analysis is performed on the people and market that the principles are interested in pursuing. We work together to create a minimum viable product through discussion and marketing analysis. Because I conduct my work without marketing involved and confidentiality is paramount to me, I limit what I talk about unless it is a project that remains in-house.

To that end, I’ll give an example of a product that is no longer in development actively. The idea was to create a new product that allowed you to wrap your door in some material that was reusable, colorful and could be customizable. After some discussion, HATCHideas set out to find the right name. We acquired Wrapperz.com and several domain iterations. Wrapperz can be easily branded. The “z” gives it a memorable edge without too much of what I call “the spelling bee” of new generation business names. The product design launched at the same time and a final design was presented. Hardware for fulfillment of orders was prepared. The product soft launched and people loved the idea of the product based on marketing research that was conducted.

The project was presented but ultimately did not reach full market launch due to constraints on the people ultimately tasked with bringing the product to market. The product remains patent pending and seeking either launch on the HATCHideas store or elsewhere.

So, we return to Toddlerton. From initial purchase of the domain several years ago, the concept idled. However, once a niche was discovered that would benefit from the name, the product launched within a week of formalizing the focus, the work flow and the branding on services such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

This project was developed entirely within HATCHideas and will remain a product and service of HATCHideas.