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HATCHideas in 2019.

James Hatch, of HATCHideas, has been building products and services for nearly 30 years. During that time, providing concierge business services and strategic management has been offered.

With these projects being brought to market and subsequently sold or shuttered as times change, lessons are learned and those lessons passed on to those who work with HATCHideas. This is the foundation of the Strategic Management Concierge Service.

There are several hundreds domains that will be up for sale directly from the website, concierge business services and support, professional naming services, and some entirely in-house developed products can be purchased directly from the site as they are completed.

If you wish to purchase a product, product line, or domain name, for your business to continue to bring to market, feel free to reach out. You’ll be assisted as soon as possible.

HATCHideas is also developing a Live extension that broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube, and will continue to develop ohmTown, which is a netcast network of 50 shows already planned for launch later this year.