Strategic Management Consulting

HATCHideas performs a holistic analysis of your business and its processes to find a way to optimize, extend, enhance, or otherwise increase performance of your business across a multitude of functional units. Examining marketing efforts, interviews with personnel, and due diligence is performed in regards to your customers, products, services, and more. Everything is done in an effort to enhance your business by having a fresh look at your operations.

New Product Development

Work with HATCHideas to develop a new product or service for your company. During and after development, the product or service will never be associated with HATCHideas unless by your request. An investigation into the capabilities of your company is performed. Strengths are exploited to find a new product or service that your company can capitalize on. Additional inquiry is performed to obtain level of risk, budget, and more.

Product and Service Naming

HATCHideas provides the Dictioneer service which can do the due diligence necessary to name your brand, verify trademark availability, and obtain domain(s).

HATCHideas has named over 300 products and services over the span of 25 years. We can do the same for your product, service, or business.

Set Up an Appointment

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Project Billing and Retainer

All project billing is based on the value added to your company and relies on our initial meeting and a proposal provided to you by HATCHideas. Retainer is an option, however it is not part of any project and essentially provides access to HATCHideas as a sounding board and for guidance in a given period covered by retainer.