Eldritch World SandStorm – Viridian Vallum


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This SandStorm consists of a dynamic green swirling mass with silver tones and highlights that are brilliant. The material was captured from the atmosphere of an Eldritch World like our other Eldritch World SandStorms. This kinetic sculpture will swirl simply by moving the container. The container is a high quality glass spherical bottle with a wooden top. It is permanently sealed to prevent the contents from escaping. Within the container is the SandStorm, and three small magnetic spheres.

You can upgrade the purchase, or purchase later, to add a base that allows the SandStorm to continuously swirl. The base will be made of wood similar to the cap that holds the SandStorm in its glass container, and either needs to be plugged in, or powered with batteries.

It makes a great paperweight and conversation piece when people see it sitting on your desk.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in