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PRE-ORDER Bōken TODAY! Available March 1st, 2020.

Bōken comes in a 5″x5″x3″ full color glossy box. Each game has a 9-piece game board in full color.
Each game has 100 pieces in 9 different colors or designs and a solid black piece in a bag for the pieces, and a box for the game with instructions how to play.

The Deluxe version of the game has a hardwood board instead of glossy paper and cardboard.
An option for an acrylic board will also be available, however the hardwood and acrylic board will not be in color.
Instead, a color board game will be included.

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PRE-ORDER Bōken TODAY! Available March 1st, 2020.

Bōken (Adventure) is a game of strategy and luck. It requires people to work together if played with friends, or anticipation and planning if played alone. With 100 pieces, and a 9 segment game board, Bōken is a great adventure board game where up to 8 players can take part. Should you just rack up points by playing pieces, or help complete the path to get to your destination and win the game, everyone has to make a decision and a role in the adventure.

The rules are simple:

Draw a “stone”.
Place the “stone” on the board so no square, column, or row has a duplicated stone.
The pieces you draw may be unstable and cannot be moved once placed (black O or black X).
One stone, called the Doku Stone, is solid black. Your adventure has ended when you draw it.
To find out who won the game, you count points.

For each Stone you draw and place, you get 1 point.
For each Stone you draw and put back, you lose 1 point.
For each Stone you move without drawing, you keep heading towards the goal.