Bōken – Deluxe Board


The Bōken Board Game comes with a hardwood playing board, 100 pieces, a bag, and instructions how to play.

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Bōken is a game of strategy and luck. With 100 pieces, and a hardwood playing board, the Deluxe Bōken set is a great adventure board game where up to 8 players can take part. The rules are simple, draw a piece from the included bag. Place the 9 colors on the board so no square or line is duplicated. The pieces you draw may be infected with Doku, which makes them poison and cannot be moved once placed. If you draw the Doku Stone, the only all black piece, your adventure ends. To find out who won the game in first place, you count points.

For each piece you draw and place, you get +1 point.
For each piece you draw and put back, you get -1 point.
For each piece you move without drawing, you get 0 points.