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MultiplyDivideAddSubtract Launch

We are pleased to announce a new site, service, product lines, and community.

We have been performing some tests for the last couple of weeks, but are formally launching MultiplyDivideAddSubtract, or MDAS, on Monday, July 29th, 2019.

The website provides links to online streaming at YouTube and Twitch, with others planned as time and interest permits. The site will be selling bespoke items such as jewelry, gadgets, and focuses [har har] on laser etched goods.

When we are working on MDAS products, we will be streaming it live on both YouTube and Twitch. While we stream, you’ll be able to listen to music because the operation is too loud to stream voices. We’ll be in chat to discuss things and we can accept artwork in real-time to etch onto wood, plastic, metal. We can cut acrylic and wood relatively quickly.

The shop also has a wood lathe, cnc mill, metal lathe, and various other tools to create everything we need and perhaps what you’ll need for a product. We can cut and carve stone, weld everything from steel to aluminum, and more.

Just ask for something, we can see if it can be done by us.

Check out for more information or to purchase something. If you want to watch the stream, visit YouTube and/or Twitch. Please follow, like, subscribe, and so on.