HATCHideas will be offering several Memberships for which services are rendered on a weekly, monthly, or annual plan. Right now we are offering:

Mazium is a members only maze subscription service. Exercise your mind and complete mazes that can be done by importing your mazes into your chosen device and either using your App,e Pencil, Stylus, or Finger. Each maze that is sent will be available via your Membership account here at HATCHideas.

Beginner level, you will get 3 Mazium mazes per week
Intermediate level will get 7 Mazium mazes per week
Advanced level will get 10 mazes per week
Master level receives 10 Mazium mazes per week plus one Mega Maze each month that is 10 times larger than the standard maze.

Each Maze consists of an 8.5×11 sheet of printed paper if you were to print it out. That means the Mega Maze is 85”x110”. The Mega Maze is only available in the Master level, and as a stand alone purchase. Members get a unique Mega Maze per member.