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Introducing ×÷+-

×÷+- is a netcast, community, and store, all in one. Products are purchased via the store and custom finished, live, via Twitch and YouTube. While products are being worked on, we will discuss all sorts of things. This isn’t limited to just the products being made, we may play games while a machine is in use, we will always chat, and we will do other things.

Right now you can buy shirts to support the launch of the show, or sign up as a Patreon. Supporting the show leads to more time on Twitch and YouTube. Eventually we will be able to sell your customized products, and you’ll get a major portion of the sale. Think of the 70/30 split, but you get the 70%. More on that as the show, store, and more importantly, the community, develops.

Thank you for visiting ×÷+-, and it’s home here at HATCHideas.