June 1, 2018

Welcome to in 2018.

James Hatch, of HATCHideas, has been building products and services as well as providing concierge business strategic management services for 20 years. The first national project was one that launched a free internet access service. Another project was one that prevented spam from ever being sent by the spammer by blocking it at the server level as it was transmitted.

With these projects being brought to market and subsequently sold or shuttered as times change, lessons are learned and those lessons passed on to those who work with HATCHideas. This is the foundation of the Strategic Management Concierge Service.

The business is now bringing products online directly from, so stay tuned as things develop. There are about 60 product or product lines that will be available as they complete their feasibility study and go to production. There are nearly 300 domains that will be up for sale directly from the website as well.

If you wish to purchase a product/line/domain for your business to continue to bring to market, feel free to reach out. You’ll be assisted as soon as possible.